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American LED Lighting Manufacturers that Are Keeping Things Bright

led xmas lights for christmas

Gone are the days when we would retire as the sun slumbers until the next dawn, as mankind invented electricity and the lightbulb, which has significantly changed our way of life from the time we wake up and sleep, to how we work and play.

The first long-lasting commercial lightbulb was invented by American businessman Thomas Edison. His invention sparked innovation after innovation in the electronics industry that eventually led to the invention of the light-emitting diode (LED), which is now widely used worldwide to defy the schedule of the sun and reduce our carbon footprint.

While the lighting industry is now being dominated by Asian companies, many American companies are still thriving by diversifying their products and finding their niche in different industries. One of the newest up and coming LED producers is the Laser Christmas light industry, which uses outdoor projectors for high quality lighting displays.

  1. General Electric Lighting (GE Lighting)

GE Lighting is a division of General Electric, Inc., the company founded by Edison in 1896, which offers a wide range of lighting fixtures from general purpose bulbs to outdoor and decorative lightbulbs. Its commitment to improving what their founder worked on has been incomparable as they employ about 36000 technologists to create innovations for the company. Currently, its Energy Smart LED bulbs are characterized by their cooling fins, which cools down the bulb and prolongs its life.

  1. Cree Inc.

Cree is a company founded in North Carolina by Neal Hunter, Thomas Coleman, John Edmond, Eric Hunter, John Palmour, and Calvin Carter in 1987. It is one of the trailblazers in the LED manufacturing industry, placing 6th in the 2010 top ten LED manufacturers list by market research firm Strategies Unlimited. It was the company that brought the blue led light to the market in 1989. It has one of the widest selections of LED products in the market from LED components, bulbs, lamps, to floodlights. It redefines the market with its Smart Cast technology, which utilizes sensors, electronics and software that learns and interacts with itself and its surroundings, making energy-saving effortless.

  1. Independence LED Lighting Co.

Independence LED Lighting is an LED focused lighting company founded by Charlie Szoradi in 2007. The company proudly stands by their name as they differentiate themselves from other lighting companies by manufacturing their products in southern Pennsylvania. Its products range from spec sheets, LED tubes, LED Troffer Fixtures, to grow lights, which are specialized for growing vegetation and flowering. Though fairly young compared to its competitors, the company is making its name in specialized LEDs.

  1. Green Ray LED

Green Ray LED is a LED lighting company founded in 2009 in California that provides total lighting services for both commercial and industrial facilities. In its less than 20 years in business, it has been able to expand Argentina, Puerto Rico, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Uruguay. The company manufactures its products in its wholly owned facility in Shenzen, China. Its products range from linear lamps, troffers, roadway lights, to bay lights. In addition, they also offer lighting design and installation while taking your budget and needs into consideration.

These companies are just some of the many companies in the US who offer LEDs. So if you’re looking to brighten up a space or two, look into these companies and you’ll likely find that perfect light bulb moment.

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