Avoid Huge Liabilities with an Offshore Injury Lawyer

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Due to the lack of information, an offshore injury lawyer is very ambiguous among thousands of people – even to those who’re supposed to heavily rely on them. The gist of their profession focuses on cases that involve mainly on admiralty or maritime law. These laws are purely intended for the maritime industry. Its purpose and advocacy is to make sure that workers in the industry will have protection when illnesses, injuries, and accidents occur; needless to say, a balance in our financial game is also important in this aspect.

Why Not Just Any Type Lawyer?

Though all lawyers are focused on implementing the law and providing a reasonable defense to their clients, they, too, have their specialty. An offshore injury lawyer is equipped with the right knowledge and know-how in this specific field. Though it may seem to be similar with other types of disability law, it is, in fact, totally different as the maritime law doesn’t abide by one country’s law or any other.

One of the main goals of offshore injury lawyers is to make sure that their clients will receive all their entitled benefits. Arguments and complications during an accident are pretty common in the maritime industry. And, more often than not, companies would ignore and scrutinize the law to their advantage to avoid giving their promised benefits.

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Seamen Must Have an Offshore Injury Lawyer

Without question, the most vulnerable individuals are seafarers. They are most prone to all possible accidents in a ship or a facility offshore. Of course, all of them are – legally – entitled for compensation in the event of health mishaps. The said compensation is better known as “maintenance and cure.” Maintenance and cure is a mandate provided by the general maritime law to assure all personal injuries that occur during the job will be compensated and taken care of by the company.

However, it is very frequent that employers, together with their insurers, will pay a percentage of the total amount – in some cases, pay nothing at all as they want to prioritize their other finances. This happens mainly because employers want to avoid any stain on their reputation and they know that it will lose a huge sum of their profit. Threats are pretty common among seafarers who would seek help and complain. The most typical threat is reputation damage – making it very difficult to find another employer.

How they have the courage to do this and manipulate a stronger version of the truth against the injured seafarer is because a proper investigation is difficult to conduct at sea. This gives the company the upper hand, making it easy for them to make things in their favor. Fret not; injury lawyers are aware of this tactic and know how to counter it properly.

For other maritime workers who are not under the category of “seaman,” like longshoreman and harbor man, there are other acts that provide them protection during accidents or injury. It is wise that instead of arguing one’s way to get the compensation, seeking an offshore injury lawyer should be an immediate move when the compensation isn’t given right away.